Shipment Processing

1. Acquisitions – existing web functionality to search, list, quote and order titles.

2. Collection Analysis – existing web functionality for collection analysis.

3. Accounting – existing web functionality for Do Not Exceed and Invoices.

4. Shipment Processing – new functionality to process received orders.
This feature is only available to customers who have worked with Customer Service to activate it on their account, and only for those orders where the customer has selected a processing profile which includes numbered barcode labels.

a. When an order is shipped from Perma-Bound, we automatically create a shipment checklist which will appear under the “Check In” tab.

b. When a shipment arrives, click the “Check In” tab to display recently shipped orders.

c. Select the matching item and click the “Check In” button. The checklist shows outstanding titles and will be updated as the check-in process is completed.

d. As each title is scanned or entered in the field, it is removed from the list. The running total at the top will update to show the number of titles not yet checked in.

e. When the checklist is completed, the order is marked as complete. Otherwise, the list shows which titles and quantities remain to be delivered. This list can be printed or exported so that it can be shared administratively.

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