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What is an Ebook?

Electronic books, more commonly known as Ebooks, are as simple as their name implies. They are electronic/digital versions of books. They are distributed on computers and typically read with an electronic reading device/program.

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What is a digital audiobook?

A digital audiobook is a recording of a text being read that you can download and listen to with a portable device or on a computer. These titles are offered under a single-user license that allows one user to access one title at a given time.

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What is Perma-eHub?

Perma-eHub is a library solution for digital resources. It manages your digital licenses from a single cloud-hosted platform. Your students, staff, and administrators can access all of your digital resources as if they existed in a single library.

All of your digital licenses are managed by Perma-eHub, allowing your students to check out digital resources when a license is available. Instead of dealing with messy Data Rights Management, contracts, and servers, Perma-eHub handles it all for you, so you can focus on delivering content to your students. Perma-eHub also comes with native apps for all major mobile platforms.

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What types of digital resources does Perma-eHub support?

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What mobile platforms are supported?

We make sure our product/apps are tested on the latest versions and are kept up to date with all the new releases. Listed below are mobile platforms we currently support.

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How do I get a Perma-eHub account?

When you purchase digital content for Perma-Bound for the first time, during the order process you will be prompted to create an eHub account. Alternatively, if you have not set up an eHub account yet, clicking on “My eHub Account” on the My Account page will start you on the path to setting up your eHub account.

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I’ve signed up. Where do I log in?

Your login page is the Organization URL you created when you first signed up for an eHub account. Your organization URL has this format:<<organization or school specific code>>

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How do I add digital resources to my Perma-eHub library?

When you purchase digital resources from Perma-Bound, we will automatically make them available to you in Perma-eHub.

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How do I add users to my Perma-eHub?

Perma-eHub offers you multiple options to add users to your eHub library. We have a bulk-import option to import user accounts all at once. We also offer authenticating with various circulation systems, so you don’t have to manage accounts in multiple places.

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Does Perma-eHub support users from circulation systems?

We find the majority of schools and libraries already use circulation systems to manage user accounts. If this is true of your situation, we provide integration with several popular systems. Some of the circulation systems currently supported are Destiny**, Atrium, Insignia and Surpass. We hope to add more in the near future.

**We support Destiny 10.5 or higher. We currently do not offer support for Destiny Hosted Service customers.

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Does Perma-eHub support users for large districts?

We understand that large, district-wide deployments may have special requirements or wish to make use of a specific single sign-on (SSO) implementation. If you're using Google Apps for Education, we've already got you covered with Google authentication. If you require further collaboration in integrating your circulation system, let us know and we will be happy to develop a solution.

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What user types are supported?

Administrators, Teachers, Students, and Shared Users make up your user base. Anyone who uses your Perma-eHub library will fall under one of these four user types. Students and shared users are only allowed to check out and browse for titles, while administrators can manage licenses and students accounts.

User Types:

  1. Administrators
    All Administrator accounts have access to every control available, including changing user passwords and creation/deletion of Users. Administrative accounts should be given with caution, as they afford complete control over your organization’s Perma-eHub library.
  2. Teachers
    Teachers are user accounts with additional privileges, such as extended checkout options, but lack access to administrative functions.
  3. Students
    A Student is a single-user account and is the most basic type of user in Perma-eHub. This user type has its own username and password, and is only allowed one login at a time. A student is only allowed to search for and check out books. Students cannot affect other user accounts. These users can save their own settings and customizations.
  4. Shared Users
    If you wish to create a guest account, a test account, or one simple account that all of your students can use at once, a shared user account is the best way to go. Shared accounts allow multiple logins. Since shared users are not unique, they can’t customize their accounts, and don’t have access to note-taking abilities.

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What type of license models are supported?

Perma-eHub supports all licensing models permitted by publishers. These include a single-user license that allows one user to access one title at a given time, and a multiuser license that allows unlimited simultaneous use. Subscription-based licenses are supported as well. Some publishers, including HarperCollins, offer limited-ownership licenses, expiring after twenty-six checkouts.

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How do I search for digital content in Perma-eHub?

Perma-eHub provides you with a search tool that makes it easy to find what you are looking for in your digital collection. Included with your search results are pre-defined filters for Grade, Interest Level, and Reading Points. In addition, tags allow administrators to add custom filters to their users’ search results. You also have the option to search for titles in your circulation system, provided you have you MARC records imported.

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Perma-eHub eReaders

Perma-Bound offers eReaders for most popular personal computers and mobile devices. Perma-eHub’s online eReaders are based on HTML5 and work in most modern web browsers. Perma-eHub comes with native apps for Apple, Android, and Kindle devices. Here are the links to the apps:

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What are the technical requirements for Perma-eHub?

An internet connection and a modern browser are the primary requirements for Perma-eHub:

Please note: Internet Explorer 8.0 is supported with a flash-based eReader with limited features. We strongly recommend upgrading to newer browsers that fully support HTML5.

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License Management

What Are Licenses?
Electronic books (Ebooks) cannot be distributed physically, so in order to manage distribution, publishers allow the purchasing of licenses. Licenses are broken into two parts: the license itself and the license’s concurrency. Concurrency is the number of people allowed to read the book at one time. Concurrency can range from one to Unlimited (meaning an indefinite number of people can view it at once). This is one of the central reasons for Perma-eHub. While your licenses are never transferred directly to us, we provide the ability to organize and manage them as you would a physical library — giving your students one central location to see all of your Ebooks.

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