Cat on the Run

Don't miss the start of this explosive new series from Aaron Blabey!

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RL: 3.0
IL: 2-5
Publisher: Scholastic Book Service
Pub.Date: 2023

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Bad Guys comes another hilarious illustrated series starring a pampered cat who is way tougher than anyone realizes.

What happens when the world's biggest cat video star gets accused of a crime she didn’t commit? She becomes a cat on the run, that’s what.

But how do you avoid capture and prove your innocence when you are the most famous feline on the planet? Well, it ain’t easy.

Readers will follow Princess Beautiful as she goes from meme megastar #1 to Public Enemy #1, and cheer her on as she fights to clear her name!

Is she a super villain? An internet-famous buffoon? Or a butt-kicking gal who's just been seriously underestimated? YOU be the judge...