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September 2020
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Jonathan D. Voss - Click to see all titles by this author.

Jonathan has been drawing and writing since he was very young. He continued his passion into adulthood with portrait work, graphic design, random poems, ad copy, video scripts, and, currently, writing and illustrating his own series.

Jonathan’s writing style has a lyrical quality and a timeless feel, with dialogue that is heartwarming and memorable. To create a book, he begins with thumbnail sketches that are about an inch tall, and from there proceeds to designing a completed draft, progressing from detailed preliminary drawings to painting. He does this by transferring the drawings to watercolor paper, laying down ink using crow quill pens and brushes, then adding layers of watercolor to finish.

Of his passion for creating, he says, “I love art, music, and beautiful things. I’ve always been hugely inspired by others who bring this beauty to the world around us. Whether it’s well-crafted words in a book or a painting in a gallery, there is something stirring about it all.”

Jonathan lives in North Carolina with his wife, two children, and their dog.

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