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Visionary - Able to use insightful imagination with captivating boldness.

William Joyce’s birthday is on December 11th.

Oscar-winning filmmaker William Joyce sees his outrageously creative visions clearly as a book first. Drawing on experiences with his eclectic family and everything from King Kong to King Arthur, he creates stories within worlds that are a perfect blend of innocence and sophistication, with collaborative apps and film mediums then created as an extension of the original story. For instance, his Guardians of Childhood series will ultimately consist of twelve books, both picture books and novels, each of which sets up the background and early life of each character. These then, tie in seamlessly with the movie, Rise of the Guardians (which takes place 200 years later in the characters’ lives), where the Guardians must confront their most ancient enemy once and for all.

William Joyce is unparalleled at depicting worlds full of whimsy, fun, and adventure that translate from book to big screen. A Day with Wilbur Robinson, Rolie Polie Olie, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, George Shrinks, and The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs (a.k.a. Epic) have also become animated adventures.

He continues his visionary journey at MOONBOT Studios, tapping into the innermost child. Their most imminent collaboration will be The Numberlys, a most singular interpretation of how the alphabet came to be, which is accompanied by…an app! “It’s an amazing time for storytelling. … We want to bridge the gap between what books are and whatever venues new technology provides to tell a story and create a different experience.”

William lives in Shreveport, Louisiana, with his lovely wife, Elizabeth, and their son, Jack.

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