Accelerated Reader

Effective June 1, 2015, Perma-Bound will no longer offer quizzes for Renaissance Learning’s Accelerated Reader (AR) program.

The following is from a statement released by Renaissance Learning:

Since we introduced our hosted AR Enterprise offering, we have been encouraging our customers to upgrade, knowing that we couldn't support locally installed versions of the product (what we call custom install or desktop) forever. That time has come. In addition, we are in the process of updating our extensive bank of quiz content and moving to an entirely cloud-based solution. Because of these changes, we will no longer sell any quiz content in any quantities effective June 1, 2015.

A very high percent of our customers have upgraded to the hosted version of AR Enterprise, and the overwhelming majority are thrilled with the new features, automatic and fast software updates, and unlimited access to more than 170,000 quizzes covering all AR quiz types—reading practice, vocabulary practice, literacy skills, and other reading (i.e., textbook) quizzes.

We value your commitment to your students, reading practice, and Accelerated Reader and want you to have the cutting-edge tools that so many other educators have been benefitting from for years. You can click here to see all the advantages of hosted service. As always, our goal is to help you continue to help accelerate learning. We're committed to helping you move to the latest versions of our products and making the transition as easy as possible.

Please contact your Renaissance Learning representative or call toll free (800) 338-4204 at your earliest convenience to discuss the opportunities available to you.

Ongoing Accelerated Reader Support

While we no longer carry Accelerated Reader quizzes, we will continue to include AR reading levels in our website search options, and to provide processing and labeling, at our customers’ request, for AR titles.