The Firehills
The Firehills
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Annotation: Charly, a recently initiated Wiccan, and her friend Sam reunite at the Green Man Festival in England, and this time find themselves battling the Sidhe, ancient faeries who are trying to conquer the world.
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Copyright Date: 2005
Edition Date: c2005
Pages: 192 p.
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ISBN: 0-8225-6303-7
ISBN 13: 978-0-8225-6303-7
Dewey: Fic
Language: English
ALA Booklist
This sequel to The Malifex (2002) finds Sam, Charley, and Amergin dealing with the aftereffects of their battle against evil. Sam struggles to accept his disturbing new powers, while Charley embraces hers with her initiation into the Craft; wizard Amergin, meanwhile, has become a television-obsessed couch potato. The three meet for the Jack-in-the-Green festival, when the Green Man is symbolically sacrificed to end winter, but their reunion is interrupted by the Sidhe, malevolent Faeries who intend to absorb the Green Man's powers. Sam and Charley are attacked, and Amergin is kidnapped. Determined to rescue him and save the world, Sam and Charley confront the Sidhe, first in the Faerie underworld and then during the festival. British folklore adds an interesting backdrop to the swiftly moving story, which is standard fantasy fare, with magic, mayhem, and menace aplenty. Sam and Charley's romance and Amergin's newly adopted modernity provide warmth and humor, and Sam's fear of his true nature comes across as both real and poignant. A quickly wrapped-up ending notwithstanding, this won't disappoint fans of the first book.
Horn Book
In this sequel to The Malifex, Sam, Charley, and Amergin plan a weekend at the Jack-in-the-Green festival but end up battling the Sidhe. Alton's prose is competent, but the story lacks any real tension or excitement. The characters spend little time together, but their separate paths merge almost too neatly at the end.
Kirkus Reviews
Wiccan lore and Celtic legend intertwine to drive this follow-up to The Malifex (2002). Last summer, boring British teen Sam joined with the young witch Charly and the ancient wizard Amergin to defeat the corrosive influence of the Malifex by channeling the Green Man, lord of the forest and spirit of the earth. When Sam rejoins his friends for the May King festival, celebrating another of the Green Man's incarnations, they become targets of the sinister Sidhe, who kidnap Amergin to their otherworldly stronghold. Sam must tap his lingering magic, walking between worlds and across time, while Charly draws down the spirit of the moon goddess, as they race to rescue Amergin and thwart the faerie folk's plot to corrupt the sacred ritual. But can they bear the price? Large dollops of occult ritual and philosophy add exotic flavor to an otherwise routine fantasy adventure. Quick cinematic shifts of scene and viewpoint increase suspense, as the fast-paced plot gallops to the dramatic climax. Sketchy characterization assumes familiarity with the earlier installment, and frequent pop-culture references may date quickly. Purchase where the first title is popular. (Fantasy. 12 )
School Library Journal
Gr 5-8-This sequel to The Malifex (Carolrhoda, 2002) continues the adventures of Charly, a Wicca teen; her mother, Megan; her friend Sam; and a wizard/bard named Amergin who, having been brought out of a deep sleep, spends his time watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on TV and marveling at modern technology. A brief prologue sets the stage for those who haven't read the first book. Megan and Charly are packing to go to a Green Man festival. Sam joins them there and almost immediately they are threatened by evil faeries, or, in Gaelic, the Sidhe. When Amergin is abducted, Charly and Sam have to rescue him from the Hollow Hills. During their quest, they encounter the evil Malifex once again, and Sam is led to an unexpected destiny. The Sidhe, like all reliable fantasy villains, are bent on world domination and plan to use the Jack-in-the-Green, the green man built at the festival, to achieve their goal. The fantasy elements here were put to much better use by Susan Cooper in Greenwitch (1985) and The Grey King (1975, both S & S). Ultimately, The Firehills is a somewhat bizarre combination of traditional fantasy with Wiccan belief and ritual. Still, kids will probably respond to the action. Purchase where the first book is popular.-Tim Wadham, Maricopa County Library District, Phoenix, AZ Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.
Word Count: 45,523
Reading Level: 6.0
Interest Level: 7-12
Accelerated Reader: reading level: 6.0 / points: 7.0 / quiz: 102330 / grade: Middle Grades

It's been a year since Sam defeated the Malifex, and ever since that day, Sam has felt different--alone. When he gets the chance to visit his Wiccan friend Charly and the wizard Amergin, Sam goes, never suspecting that he is stepping back into the ancient and dangerous world of magic. This time, the Sidhe, Fairy Folk, kidnap Amergin and are plotting to release the Malifex back into the world. Will Sam be able to draw upon the powers of the Green Man to save the world yet again, or will the evil power of the Malifex be freed to cover the earth once more?

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