Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson
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Annotation: A new book in the American Presidents Reference Series, it is a complete political and historical biography of Andrew Jackson and his presidential term.
Genre: Biographies
Catalog Number: #3423469
Format: Publisher's Hardcover
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Copyright Date: 2003
Edition Date: 2003
Pages: x, 310 pages
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ISBN: 1-568-02700-1
ISBN 13: 978-1-568-02700-5
Dewey: 921
LCCN: 2002156155
Dimensions: 27 cm.
Language: English
Bibliography Index/Note: Includes bibliographical references and index.
Reading Level: 10.0
Interest Level: 9+

Each volume in the American Presidents Reference Series is organized around an individual presidency and gathers a host of biographical, analytical, and primary source historical material that will analyze the presidency and bring the president, his administration, and his times to life. The series focuses on key moments in U.S. political history as seen through the eyes of the most influential presidents to take the oath of office. Unique headnotes provide the context to data, tables and excerpted primary source documents. Andrew Jackson, born in 1767, attained the rank of major general. Through his military exploits during the war of 1812, Jackson was nicknamed Old Hickory. His victory in the Battle of New Orleans helped launch his political career. Although Senator Jackson won the most electoral votes in the 1824 presidential election, the race was thrown in the House of Representatives where John Quincy Adams prevailed. Four years later he defeated Adams and became the seventh president of the United States. He was the first westerner to be elected by the common man and not the elite, and the first to be a target of a presidential assassin. With the turmoil of the times, Jackson was confronted with sectional politics, nullification threats, and the responsibility of removing Native Americans from their ancestral homes. Jackson died in 1845. This new volume on the Andrew Jackson presidency will cover: Economic development The new Democratic Party Native Americans The Bank of the United States Sectionalism His millitary career Personal scandal

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