Within These Wicked Walls
Within These Wicked Walls
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Annotation: Kiersten White meets Tomi Adeyemi in this Ethiopian-inspired fantasy retelling of Jane Eyre
Catalog Number: #309828
Format: Perma-Bound from Publisher's Hardcover
Copyright Date: 2021
Edition Date: 2021
Pages: 336
Availability: Available
New Title: Yes
ISBN: Publisher: 1-250-78710-6 Perma-Bound: 0-8000-0995-9
ISBN 13: Publisher: 978-1-250-78710-1 Perma-Bound: 978-0-8000-0995-3
Dewey: Fic
Language: English
Kirkus Reviews
A young woman faces internal and external demons in the name of love in this reimagining of Jane Eyre.In an alternate Ethiopia, Andromeda is a debtera, someone responsible for exorcising the Manifestations of the Evil Eye, negative energy that brings misfortune. Unlicensed in her field, Andi has difficulty getting regular work. Her new client, Magnus Rochester, is potentially her ticket to change, so long as she successfully rids his castle of the Evil Eye. As it turns out, her uncertified status and consequent desperation to succeed were precisely why she was chosen for the job. Andi’s confidence in her ability to complete her assignment is shaken following the terrifying experiences of her first night, as she discovers why several other debtera before her have failed. Her relationship with her moody boss starts out frigid but soon thaws and heats up at a rapid pace, crossing into intimate, romantic territory. However, their growing attachment may prove the most dangerous part of the job for Andi. Blackwood’s storytelling skills and the worldbuilding and fantasy components of the novel will likely intrigue readers. The romance, however, while a major focus that contains moments of palpable chemistry and connection, feels underdeveloped. The staccato pacing reflects the mercurial natures of the protagonist and her love interest but disrupts the flow of the story.A promising debut despite some inconsistencies. (Fantasy. 14-18)
Starred Review ALA Booklist
*Starred Review* Set in a desert region of East Africa, Blackwood's debut follows teenage Andromeda, who is looking to survive beyond the care of Jember, the closest thing to a parent she's had. While he may not have given her any tenderness or physical affection, Jember did give her something of extreme value trained her in the trade of exorcism, making her a debtera. Forced from Jember's home with only her training, Andi has no choice but to take a job cleansing Magnus Rochester's nearby mansion of the Evil Eye, a curse that only one debtera to date has both cleared and survived. Not your average haunted house tale, this title doubles as an unlikely and intense romance (á la Jane Eyre), heightening the stakes of Andi's work as her success is tied up in both her survival and that of Magnus, her newfound and often insufferable lover. Andi's character is often headstrong to a fault, creating adventure and drama in lieu of commonsensical action. This is to the delight of readers though, as Andi's nature awakens an intensity in surrounding characters that creates a fast-paced and heart-wrenching tale. Perfect for lovers of light horror, romance, and suspense, Within these Wicked Walls will be a surefire pick for the coming autumn nights.
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Kirkus Reviews
Reading Level: 5.0
Interest Level: 9-12

INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER REESE'S BOOK CLUB FALL 2021 YA PICK Lauren Blackwood's can't-miss debut is a magical, Ethiopian-inspired remix of Jane Eyre . - Harper's Bazaar What the heart desires, the house destroys... Andromeda is a debtera--an exorcist hired to cleanse households of the Evil Eye. She would be hired, that is, if her mentor hadn't thrown her out before she could earn her license. Now her only hope of steady work is to find a Patron--a rich, well-connected individual who will vouch for her abilities. When a handsome young heir named Magnus Rochester reaches out to hire her, she takes the job without question. Never mind that he's rude and demanding and eccentric, that the contract comes with a number of outlandish rules... and that almost a dozen debtera had quit before her. If Andromeda wants to earn a living, she has no choice. But she quickly realizes this is a job like no other, with horrifying manifestations at every turn, and that Magnus is hiding far more than she has been trained for. Death is the most likely outcome if she stays, the reason every debtera before her quit. But leaving Magnus to live out his curse alone isn't an option because--heaven help her--she's fallen for him. Stunningly romantic, Lauren Blackwood's heartstopping debut, Within These Wicked Walls, ushers in an exciting new fantasy voice. An intricate magic system, a grimly humorous Black heroine, AND a heart-thumping romance? This book leaves nothing wanting. - Jordan Ifueko, New York Times bestselling author of Raybearer

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