Going, Going, Gone! with the Pain & The Great One
Going, Going, Gone! with the Pain & The Great One

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Annotation: Further adventures of first-grader Jake "the Pain" and his sister, third-grader Abigail "the Great One," include a trip to the beach with Grandma, to a county fair with Aunt Diana, and to a mall with Dad.
Catalog Number: #30296
Format: Perma-Bound Edition
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Publisher: Dell Yearling
Copyright Date: 2008
Edition Date: 2008
Illustrator: Stevenson, James,
Pages: 109 pages
Availability: Available
ISBN: Publisher: 0-440-42094-6 Perma-Bound: 0-605-20975-8
ISBN 13: Publisher: 978-0-440-42094-1 Perma-Bound: 978-0-605-20975-6
Dewey: Fic
LCCN: 2008006634
Dimensions: 20 cm.
Language: English
Horn Book
Brother and sister Jake (the Pain) and Abigail (the Great One) narrate their adventures in alternating chapters. A beach vacation, a mall outing, and other happenings are all fodder for seven mostly freestanding stories with mild humor, suspense, misunderstandings, and acceptance; Fluzzy the cat gets the last word on the family's activities. Stevenson's loose-line drawings echo the light tone.
Kirkus Reviews
First- and third-graders Jake and Abigail alternate as narrators to describe a series of trips: boogie boarding at the beach, riding the Gravitron at an amusement park, visiting the emergency room, losing each other in the mall and canoeing the Everglades. The focus is always on the siblings, although adults—extended family and in one case a babysitter—accompany them. A bonus episode is told by the cat, Fluzzy, whose response to their trips is completely convincing. Each story is simply told with quiet humor, sometimes more a vignette than a rounded narrative—but, as always, Blume gets right to the hearts of her characters, revealing their fears, their resentments and their affection for each other. Stevenson's grey-washed cartoon illustrations enliven the pages. Each chapter can stand on its own, making this particularly accessible for the struggling reader. This is the third of a projected quartet of chapter books, sure to be welcomed as enthusiastically as its predecessors were. (Fiction. 6-9)
School Library Journal
K-Gr 3 Abigail (the Great One) and Jake (the Pain) are back. The theme for this book is traveling, whether it is as close as the local mall, showcasing the Pain's attempt to walk down the up escalator, or as far as the Florida Everglades, where the Great One tries to keep from being bitten by alligators by wearing her leather cowboy boots. An emergency room trip to get a pussy willow removed from the Pain's nose will make readers laugh out loud. The nine short stories beautifully capture the experiences of siblings who love one another but who don't always get along. Their long-suffering cat, Fluzzy, gets his own chapter at the end. Stevenson's drawings perfectly complement the tales. Blume has delivered another funny story collection about two memorable characters. Kathleen Meulen, Blakely Elementary School, Bainbridge Island, WA
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ALA Booklist
Horn Book (4/1/09)
Kirkus Reviews
School Library Journal (9/1/08)
Wilson's Children's Catalog
Word Count: 11,354
Reading Level: 3.0
Interest Level: 1-4
Accelerated Reader: reading level: 3.0 / points: 1.0 / quiz: 125559 / grade: Lower Grades
Reading Counts!: reading level:2.4 / points:5.0 / quiz:Q44924
Lexile: 560L
Guided Reading Level: M
 Grandma rented a house at the beach. Yesterday we drove there. I got carsick. I almost always get carsick if the ride takes more than an hour. Under an hour, I'm okay. The Great One doesn't get it. She says, "That doesn't make any sense."   "It makes sense to me," I told her.   "A person either gets carsick or he doesn't," she said. "Look at me--I don't get carsick, which makes me a good traveler."   "Does not!" I shouted.   "Does too!" she shouted back. "Mom, aren't I a good traveler?" Mom was driving. Dad was snoozing in the seat next to her.   "You're both good travelers," Mom said.   "But if you had to choose one of us to take on a trip, wouldn't you rather take the one who doesn't puke every time he gets in the car?" the Great One asked.   "No fair!" I called. "I don't puke every time."   "Children," Mom said. "I'm trying to concentrate on the road."   When we got to the beach, Grandma took us shopping while Mom and Dad unpacked. We're staying for a week. A week is a long time. Long enough to choose your favorite breakfast cereal. Mine is Cream of Wheat because it's white. I only like white foods. TheGreat One doesn't care what color her food is. She chose Cheerios.   At the supermarket we followed Grandma down the Fun-in-the-Sun aisle. She tossed a tube of sunscreen into our cart. The Great One ran ahead to a display of Boogie boards. "I've always wanted a Boogie board," she told Grandma. "I could have so much funin the ocean if only I had one." She looked through the stack of boards. "Oh, this one is so cool!" She held up a purple board. "Isn't this one cool, Grandma?" It had a picture of a lizard on it.   "You think it will be okay with your mom and dad?" Grandma asked.   "Oh, yes!" the Great One said. "I'm a good swimmer. You know what a good swimmer I am."   "Well, then--let's get it," Grandma said.   The Great One threw her arms around Grandma. "You're the best grandma in the history of the world!"   Grandma laughed. "Let's hope you think so the next time I say no." Then she looked at me. "Would you like a Boogie board, Jake?"   "Don't waste your money," the Great One said. "He won't use it."   "Yes, I will!" I said. I chose a yellow board with a wolf's face on it.   The next day, before we headed for the beach, the Great One said, "I hope the waves are big today." Then she looked right at me and said, "I take that back. I hope they're huge!"   At the beach Dad set up the umbrella and opened the chairs. Grandma spread out the blanket while Mom reached into her bag for the new sunscreen. "You first, Abigail," she said to the Great One.   "Why do I have to get sunscreened first?" the Great One asked.   "I thought you like to go first," I said.   The Great One gave me one of her looks.   When Mom was done with us, the Great One grabbed her Boogie board and raced down to the ocean. Dad followed her. I followed Dad.   When I reached wet sand, I stopped. The waves weren't huge. But they weren't small, either. I watched as the Great One paddled out on her Boogie board. When she got far enough, she turned back and waved to Dad. Then she watched over her shoulder untiljust before the next wave started. When it did, she was on her board riding in to shore. Then she did it again. And again. She didn't care if her face got wet or if she fell off her board, or even if she went under a wave. Nothing stopped her.   When I got tired of watching, I started digging a hole. I dug deeper and deeper until the ocean came up inside it. Then I sat in the hole. The water was warm. Warmer than in the ocean.

Excerpted from Going, Going, Gone! with the Pain and the Great One by Judy Blume
All rights reserved by the original copyright owners. Excerpts are provided for display purposes only and may not be reproduced, reprinted or distributed without the written permission of the publisher.

THE PAIN AND the Great One are going places! In these new stories the kids are on the go—the Pain needs a trip to the emergency room; the family goes to the mall and not everyone stays together; the kids visit a county fair and want to ride the Super Slide; and a beach outing includes a boogie board. Lots more action and adventure for the dynamic duo who never stay still.

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