How STEM Built the Aztec Empire
How STEM Built the Aztec Empire
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Annotation: "The archaeological evidence of Tenochtitlan isn't just impressive from a historical perspective, it is also remarkable from a STEM standpoint, too. After all, it reveals one overwhelming fact about the Aztecs: they were a highly advanced civilization who utilized many science, math, technology, and engineering practices in the construction of their metropolis. This fact is made evident by the impressive structures, artwork, and artifacts that this long-lost people left behind deep underneath present-day Mexico City. Throughout this text, we'll be exploring some of the achievements of the Aztecs and how this people who lived some
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Mostly known today for its complex pantheon and religious rituals, the Aztec empire was also highly advanced in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math or STEM. With the capital city of the empire built in the middle of a lake, the geographical, political, and economic needs of the Aztecs drove innovation for centuries. Massive construction projects, including ziggurats, causeways, and aqueducts demonstrated that the Aztecs had ambitious goals as well as the STEM knowledge to achieve them. Though much of its history was destroyed, the accomplishments of the Aztecs are an impressive reminder of history's ingenuity.

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