Maximilian And The Curse Of The Fallen Angel (Spanish Bilingual)
Maximilian And The Curse Of The Fallen Angel (Spanish Bilingual)
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Catalog Number: #193651
Format: Publisher's Hardcover
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Copyright Date: 2020
Edition Date: 2020
Pages: 224
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ISBN: 1-947627-30-9
ISBN 13: 978-1-947627-30-7
Dewey: Fic
Language: Spanish
Bilingual: Yes
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The fourth installment in Garza's Lucha Libre series finds Max facing major changes and struggling to adjust. Having a famous luchador in your family has its perks, like flying out to Mexico City to be an extra in the new Guardian Angel film and one-on-one training sessions, which, Max is certain, will lead to one day inheriting Tio Rodolfo's mask and lucha persona. Unbeknownst to Max, Tio Rodolfo has big plans of his own, including announcing his engagement to Maya Escobedo (formerly the luchadora Silver Star) and retirement from the ring. Through Max's struggle to handle his hero's news, Garza reflects on the often-outsize expectations we heap onto our heroes and the personal sacrifices they make to become athletes and entertainers. The steadily paced narrative, accented by offbeat characters and moments of sincerity and growth, resembles a tender family sitcom. The culminating scene sets up an exciting future rivalry and will keep fans eagerly waiting to read how it will play out. Spanish and English text are given equal importance and appear side by side.
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Reading Level: 3.0
Interest Level: 3-6


I can be the new Guardian Angel too / Yo también puedo ser en nuevo Angel de la Guarda

"Show me what you got, Max," screams Gus. I charge at him full force, but a split second before impact I leapfrog over him and roll across his back. I hook his right arm with mine. Before my feet can touch the ground, I am flipping Gus over my shoulders. The move sends him crashing down to the mat. I don't have much time to celebrate however, because Gus immediately knocks my legs out from under me. I block his attempt to place me in a leg lock by grabbing the top of his head and rolling his shoulders to the canvas for a pin attempt, but ever-resourceful Gus kicks out at the two count.

"Not bad," says a grinning Vampiro Velasquez who is standing on the top of the ring apron. In his prime Vampiro Velasquez was one of the most feared rudos in all of lucha libre, but bad knees have forced him into semi-retirement. His love of lucha libre, though, won't allow him to stay away completely. Today he is the owner of not one, but two of the premiere wrestling schools in all of Mexico.

"He is getting better, Grandpa," says Gus.

"You both are," says Vampiro Velasquez. "You both have looked very impressive out there all this week."

"It's in the genes," declares my tio Rodolfo who is sitting at ringside. "But what else would you expect from the nephew of the Guardian Angel and the grandson of Vampiro Velasquez?" Tio Rodolfo has a grin on his face the likes of which I have never seen on him before.

"If your smile gets any bigger, Rodolfo, those pearly whites will leave me blind," declares Vampiro Velasquez. "So. Have you begun planning for the big day?"

"It's in the works."

"Don't tell me you're nervous."

"I'm not nervous. It's the right thing to do. It's just hard for me to believe that I am actually going to be doing it."

"Are you sure this is what you want?"

"Absolutely. I have no doubt in my mind."

"Then consider yourself lucky and count your blessings," says Vampiro Velasquez. Tio Rodolfo nods his head in agreement.

"See you later, guys," says tio Rodolfo rising to his feet. He waves at Gus and me. "Keep up the training. You're both looking very good."

"That's some mighty high praise coming from the Guardian Angel, boys," declares Vampiro Velasquez. "But don't let it go to your heads. You still have a lot to learn."

"Is tio Rodolfo getting cold feet about marrying Maya?"

"Why do you ask that, Max?"

"I just heard you asking him if he was sure it's what he really wanted."

"We weren't talking about the wedding, Max."

"You weren't? Then what were you talking about?"

"We were talking about the Guardian Angel's last match."

"Last match?" Those words hit me like a ton of bricks. "What do you mean his last match?"


I can be the new Guardian Angel too / Yo también puedo ser en nuevo Angel de la Guarda

--Muéstrame lo que sabes hacer, Max --grita Gus.

Me lanzo contra él con toda mi fuerza, pero en una centésima de segundo, antes del impacto, brinco como rana y me doy vueltas sobre su espalda. Engancho su brazo derecho en el mío. Antes de que mis pies toquen el suelo, estoy lanzando a Gus sobre mis hombros. La maniobra lo lanza y choca contra la lona. No tengo demasiado tiempo para celebrar porque Gus inmediatamente se arroja contra mis piernas.

Bloqueo su intención de hacerme un gancho de piernas agarrando su cabeza para pegar sus hombros a la lona y ganar la caída; pero Gus, tan hábil como siempre, se suelta de la llave en la cuenta de dos.

--Nada mal --dice un sonriente Vampiro Velásquez, parado sobre el ring, en la orilla. Durante su juventud, el Vampiro Velásquez era uno de los rudos más temidos de la lucha libre, pero los problemas con sus rodillas lo han obligado a semiretirarse. Sin embargo, su amor por la lucha libre no le permite quedarse afuera completamente. Ahora es el dueño de no una, sino dos de las escuelas más importantes de lucha libre en todo México.

--Está mejorando, abuelo --dice Gus.

--Los dos están mejorando --dice el Vampiro Velásquez--. Ambos han estado muy impresionantes esta semana.

--Cuestión de genética --dice mi tío Rodolfo quien está sentado en la primera fila--. Pero, ¿qué más esperarías del sobrino del Ángel de la Guarda y el nieto del Vampiro Velásquez?

Nunca le había visto antes una sonrisa tan grande a mi tío Rodolfo.

--Si te crece más la sonrisa, Rodolfo, esos dientes brillantes me dejarán ciego --dice el Vampiro Velásquez--. Entonces... ¿has empezado a planear el gran día?

--En eso estoy.

--¿No me digas que estás nervioso?

--No estoy nervioso. Es lo que debo hacer. Solo que me resulta difícil de creer que sí lo voy a hacer.

--¿Estás seguro que esto es lo que quieres?

--Absolutamente. No tengo la menor duda.

--Entonces considérate suertudo y agradece tus bendiciones --dijo el Vampiro Velázquez. El tío Rodolfo asiente.

--Ahí nos vemos, muchachos --dijo el tío Rodolfo levantando los pies. Se despide de Gus y de mí-- Sigan entrenando. Lo están haciendo muy bien.

--Viniendo del Ángel de la Guarda, ese es un halago muy importante, chicos --dice el Vampiro Velázquez--. Pero que no se les suba a la cabeza, todavía tienen mucho que aprender.

--¿El tío Rodolfo le está sacando a la boda con Maya?

--¿Por qué preguntas eso, Max?

--Nomás porque te oí preguntarle si estaba seguro, si eso era lo que realmente quería.

--No estábamos hablando de la boda, Max.

--¿No? ¿Entonces de qué estaban hablando?

--Hablábamos de la última lucha del Ángel de la Guarda.

--¿La última lucha? --esas palabras me golpean como una tonelada de ladrillos--. ¿A qué te refieres con la última lucha?

Excerpted from Maximilian and the Curse of the Fallen Angel by Xavier Garza
All rights reserved by the original copyright owners. Excerpts are provided for display purposes only and may not be reproduced, reprinted or distributed without the written permission of the publisher.

Maximilian's been nuts about lucha libre his whole life. But he's not just a nerdy middle schoolerthree years ago, he discovered that he's part of lucha libre royalty! His uncle is the most famous luchador, the Guardian Angel. But now, the masked hero is facing a wild new wrestler who might just topple him from his lucha libre throne. The Fallen Angel may be the most reckless and arrogant wrestler the Guardian Angel has ever had to face, and he's no longer in his prime. Age affects everyone, even the man behind the celebrated mask. Max, being next in the royal line of luchadores, thinks he might have to take over as the Guardian Angel sooner than he'd ever dreamed! Maximilian and the Curse of the Fallen Angel is the fourth in the "Max's Lucha Libre Adventures" series. Catch up on the adventures: 1--Maximilian and the Mystery of the Guardian Angel 2--Maximilian and the Bingo Rematch 3--Maximilian and the Lucha Libre Club Maximilian ha sido fanático de la lucha libre desde chiquito. Pero es más que un fan--hace tres años descubrió que es parte de la realeza de la lucha libre. Su tío es el luchador más famoso, ¡el Ángel Guardián! Pero ahora, el héroe enmascarado tiene que enfrentar un nuevo luchador loco, y puede ser que el villano lo eche de su trono. El Ángel Caído es posiblemente el luchador más temerario y arrogante que el Ángel Guardián ha enfrentado, y ya no esta en la plenitud de la vida. La edad afecta a todos, incluyendo el hombre atrás de la macara tan celebrada. Max, siendo el siguiente en la línea real de luchadores, piensa que tal vez tendrá que ponerse la mascara del Ángel Guardián pronto, ¡pero apenas tiene catorce años!

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