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Annotation: A mouse wakes up with a squeak, and his noise sets off a chain reaction of animals waking each other up.
Catalog Number: #190888
Format: Publisher's Hardcover
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Publisher: Penguin
Copyright Date: 2019
Edition Date: 2019
Illustrator: McGee, Kate Harvey,
Pages: 32
Availability: Available
ISBN: 0-525-51815-0
ISBN 13: 978-0-525-51815-0
Dewey: E
LCCN: 2018019924
Dimensions: 29 cm.
Language: English
Horn Book
Cool-hued illustrations capture the still expectancy of early morning in a mountain meadow as a breeze tickles the ear of a sleeping mouse. His squeak! sets off a concatenation of animal sounds and other noises as the meadow's inhabitants wake up and begin the day. Vivid language and realistic illustrations work together to portray the animals in their natural habitats and create a rich visual and auditory read-aloud experience.
Kirkus Reviews
A mouse inadvertently ignites an early-morning chain reaction.As a breeze tickles his ear, a small mouse wakes with a wee "SQUEAK," disturbing chipmunks in the branches above. Their chitter-chatter dislodges pine cones that "KERPLOP" into the river, prompting resting trout to leap with a "SPLISH" and a "SPLASH." This awakens a sleeping elk, whose antlers bump a cottonwood tree with a resounding "KA-BONK!" In response, an eagle nesting in the tree takes flight with a "WAH-WHOOOOSH," waking bear cubs in a cave, which causes their grumpy mother to "GRRRRRRR!" A nearby wolf pack joins in with yips and long, drawn-out howls, triggering a bighorn lamb to disturb loose rocks and gravel with a "RUMBLE BUMBLE BOOOOOOM!" An irritated bison bellows a loud "ARRRGRUMMMPHH!" Soon all creatures in the valley are awake and participating in a boisterous cacophony. Sprightly double-page spreads, realistically rendered with bold outlines of black gouache digitally colored in Photoshop, create the ideal backdrop for this unfolding medley. From the opening spread of the barely visible mouse asleep beneath a towering tree foregrounding a vista of river, meadow, and bluffs, each page turn artfully leads from one amusing event to the next, highlighting each animal in its habitat, while prominent placement of animal sounds in large font reinforces the auditory theme.A delightful, onomatopoeic introduction to the interactive sounds of awakening animals. (Picture book. 4-7)
Starred Review ALA Booklist
*Starred Review* In the early morning, a soft breeze tickles awake a small mouse. He squeaks, waking the chipmunks above, whose scampering causes pinecones to fall (KERPLOP!) into the river below, waking the trout with a "SPLISH SPLISH SPLASH." The chain of events continues until the sun has risen and the world is full of noisy, wakened animals: elk, eagle, bears, wolves, bighorn sheep, bison, and then all the meadow creatures. The small mouse hears the "big ruckus," wonders why everyone is up so early, and then drifts back to sleep. The creative duo behind Little Wolf's First Howling (2017) returns with this ode to animals of the American West. The text is melodic and vivid without feeling overwritten: "The bison's bellows billowed over the mountains and meadows and woke up everybody else." The alliteration, combined with a wealth of rich sounds, makes the book a joy to read aloud. Digitally painted over a black layer of gouache resist, the illustrations resemble wood block printing and convey the growing light of dawn with stunning beauty. Animals are portrayed accurately, with limited anthropomorphizing. Rich details reward repeated, careful readings, and a sharp eye will find hints on each spread of the next creature to wake up. A surefire hit for storytime, one-on-one reading, and gift giving.
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Starred Review ALA Booklist (7/1/19)
School Library Journal Starred Review
Horn Book (8/1/19)
Kirkus Reviews
Reading Level: 1.0
Interest Level: P-2

Who knew that one little noise could set off a whole cacophony? In this chain-reaction story, the animal world wakes up with a squeak!

Early one morning, a gentle breeze tickles the ear of a small mouse, and he wakes up with a squeak! That squeak wakes up the some chipmunks, who rattle tree branches and knock pinecones into the river. Those pinecones wake the trout, who splash around and wake up an elk on the riverbank.

And so goes the story of Squeak!, a chain-reaction story set in a beautiful, rolling landscape with animals who are all woken up one by one with the rising of the sun. With lush and vivid art, and plenty of fun animal noises on each page, this story is a perfect read-aloud to wake up to--or to read any time of day.

Praise for Squeak!:

* "The text is melodic and vivid [and] a joy to read aloud . . . A surefire hit for storytime, one-on-one reading, and gift giving." --Booklist, STARRED REVIEW

*"This adorable circular story for young readers is a great way to start or end the day with a little humor." --SLJ, STARRED REVIEW

"A delightful, onomatopoeic introduction to the interactive sounds of awakening animals." --Kirkus Reviews

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