Rescuing Rialto: A Baby Sea Otter's Story
Rescuing Rialto: A Baby Sea Otter's Story
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Annotation: Documents the rescue of an orphaned baby otter called Rialto, and his rehabilitation at the Seattle Aquarium.
Genre: Biology
Catalog Number: #181428
Format: Publisher's Hardcover
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Copyright Date: 2019
Edition Date: 2019
Illustrator: Berner, Alan,
Pages: 40
Availability: Available
ISBN: 1-250-14764-6
ISBN 13: 978-1-250-14764-6
Dewey: 599.769
LCCN: 2017957299
Dimensions: 29 cm.
Language: English
Kirkus Reviews
Photojournalism tells the true story of Rialto, a rescued baby sea otter, along with many scientific and historical facts about sea otters. Readers of Jean Reidy's poetic, almost mystical, picture book Pup 681: A Sea Otter RescueStory, illustrated by Ashley Crowley (2019), can seek out Mapes' book for more facts about these critters. The text begins with simple sentences about the eponymous baby otter—named for Washington's Rialto Beach, where he was stranded—but soon offers much more information than a tale of rescue and rehabilitation. By the text's third page, readers have learned these facts: Normally, babies stay close to their mothers; they have "very loud voices so their mothers can hear them over the wind and waves"; sea otters are legally protected. The next page includes a full paragraph about baby sea otters' dependency on their mothers, then a second paragraph that lists the babies' predators and states that their survival rate in the wild is 50 percent. By the time Rialto is thriving in the Seattle Aquarium (prior to a permanent move to the Vancouver Aquarium), readers have learned about sea otter diet, fur, teeth, habits, and more. Before Rialto moves, there are 10 paragraphs and a map devoted to the otters' human-caused, near extinction and their human-aided comeback. The clever truth: Less-motivated readers can view each of the numerous, oh-so-cute-and-cuddly photographs, then read their detailed captions to get the story's condensed version.Calling all sea otter fans! (sources) (Nonfiction. 7-10)
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Kirkus Reviews
Bibliography Index/Note: Includes bibliographical references.
Reading Level: 2.0
Interest Level: 1-4

Calling all sea otter fans - Kirkus On a sunny August morning in 2016, a baby sea otter was found washed up on the sand. Orphaned and sick, Rialto was taken to the Seattle Aquarium, where his dedicated caretakers nursed him back to health and taught him how to be an otter. Soon, the charming Rialto was stealing hearts as he played with toys made of ide, swam in his very own pool, ate tasty clams, and floated on his back. Learn about the rescue--and how you can help to save this endangered species--in Rescuing Rialto, from the Seattle Times reporter and photographer who chronicled this story as it happened. Just as he captured them, Rialto's sure to steal your heart, too.

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