Splat! Another Messy Sunday
Splat! Another Messy Sunday

Series: Fantastic Frame Vol. 2   

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Annotation: Entering the famous pointillist world of Georges Seurat's masterpiece, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, Tiger and Luna race through Paris and are captured by police as they struggle to return to their own world.
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Format: Publisher's Hardcover
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Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
Copyright Date: 2016
Edition Date: 2016
Illustrator: Kallis, Samantha,
Pages: 117 pages
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ISBN: 0-448-48089-1
ISBN 13: 978-0-448-48089-3
Dewey: Fic
LCCN: 2015050614
Dimensions: 21 cm.
Language: English
Word Count: 11,074
Reading Level: 3.9
Interest Level: 2-5
Accelerated Reader: reading level: 3.9 / points: 2.0 / quiz: 182563 / grade: Lower Grades
Lexile: 530L

Oh, hi there. I'm Tiger Brooks. I think we might have met before.
I'm here to tell you a story you're probably not going to believe. But trust me, it's all true. Even the parts that don't seem true. I know because it happened to me.
It started when my friend Luna Lopez and I paid a visit to our neighbor Viola Dots. She's the--well, let's just say unusual woman who lives next door with her butler, a talking orange pig named Chives. I know what you're thinking. A talking orange pig--that's a hard one to believe.
But wait, there's more. Viola has this magical, fantastic picture frame in her house. What? You're not sure magical picture frames actually exist? Well, neither was I until I fell into one. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Viola's frame hangs on the wall in her living room. It looks like one of those fancy golden frames you'd see in a museum. And it has a gold clock on the front. When the clock on the frame strikes four, the painting inside opens up and sucks you in.
That sounds exciting, but it hasn't worked out too well for Viola Dots. Her son, David, was sucked into a painting fifty years ago and has been lost ever since. The only thing she got in return was Chives, who came flying straight out of some old painting and into her living room.
Mrs. Dots is pretty old now and still misses David like crazy, which is why Luna and I agreed to help her. Every week she paints another painting to put in the frame. And every week, we travel into the frame to look for David.
This would be totally fun except for one little detail: If we're not back from inside the painting in exactly one hour, we'll be stuck. That's right. We would have to stay in the world of art forever.
That's a good thing if you're trying to get out of doing your homework. But if you care about ever returning home, it's not so good.
I don't blame you if you don't believe me. It's a pretty wild story. So read it for yourself, and then you tell me.
Do you really think there is such a thing as a fantastic frame?
Come on, Luna! I thought. Where are you?
Our wooden front porch groaned as I paced back and forth. I checked the time on my Batman watch. Luna had agreed to meet me at exactly fifteen minutes to four, but she was late. We had promised Viola Dots that we'd be at her house on time. If we were even one minute late, the magic wasn't going to work.
Luna Lopez, you're going to ruin everything!
I heard footsteps coming from inside our duplex. "Luna!" I called out. "It's about time!"
"It's not Luna," an annoying little voice said. "It's me, Maggie. I came to play with you."
Can someone please tell me why little sisters always show up at exactly the wrong time?
"I can't play with you now, squirt," I told Maggie. I tried to herd her back into the house, but the little pest wasn't budging.
"Why can't you?" Maggie stomped her foot on the porch, which made her sneakers light up. "Are you and your new girlfriend going to visit the orange pig with the funny hat?"
I had to put an end to this conversation right now. The orange pig was a secret--only Luna and I could know he actually existed.
"Listen up, Maggie," I said. "Number one, Luna is not my girlfriend. She is a girl who happens to be a new friend. And number two, there's no such thing as an orange pig. Didn't they teach you that in preschool?"
Maggie burst out laughing. I didn't think I had said anything funny.
"Tiger, you said number two." She giggled. "I'm going to tell Mommy you're using bathroom words."
"Be my guest," I said. "Go tell Mom." I figured at least that would get her back into the house.
As Maggie turned and ran inside, I could hear her chanting, "Mommy, Tiger said number two. Tiger said number two."
That's four-year-olds for you. Their brains are only half-baked.
I checked my watch again. Time was running out.
Luckily, I heard Luna's footsteps clopping down the stairs. We just moved into a duplex that our families share. Luna lives in the upstairs part. This time, I knew it was her because her shoes clomp when she walks.
"Hi, Tiger," she said, like she wasn't even late at all. "My grandma made us horchata." She handed me a plastic cup with a frothy white liquid in it. "It's like a cinnamon toast milkshake, minus the brain freeze."
"We don't have time for refreshments," I said.
"Just taste it. It's my grandpa Arturo's recipe."
I took a sip. It was delicious.
"Your grandpa Arturo knows his stuff," I said. "But we have to hurry. The fantastic frame kicks in at four exactly, and we promised Viola we'd be there. She's counting on us."
"Okay, okay. We can drink while we walk."
Luna grabbed a flowered hat from a chair on the porch and popped it on her head. She loves to make crazy-looking hats, and this one definitely was. We raced down our driveway and headed to Viola's house. It was a crumbling old place next door to ours, with peeling blue paint and an overgrown lawn. The house was covered in cobwebs and had a spooky lookout tower on top.
We were almost at the front gate when a hand reached out and snatched my horchata. I turned to see a boy with bleached blond hair and braces. Before I realized that he was at least a head taller than me, I blurted out, "Hey, you! Give that back!"
"Take it easy, shrimp," the kid said. "I just want a sip."
The kid tilted the cup back and drained the whole thing in one awful gulp. Crunching my ice in his mouth, he put the cup on the ground and squashed it under his foot. Then he handed the squashed cup back to me.
"Aren't you going to introduce me to the new guy?" the boy asked Luna.
"This creep is Cooper Starr," Luna said. "He thinks he's great."
"That's why everyone calls me Super Cooper." The boy grinned, showing off his mouth full of braces.
"He lives on our street," Luna explained. "He's a very rude boy with a very small imagination."
"Hey, shrimp," Cooper said, giving me an annoying poke. "Why do you want to be friends with her? Everyone knows Luna Lopez has bugs. Don't you, Luna-Bug?"
Luna got right in his face. "I don't have bugs!"
He leaned in close and picked a speck of something from one of the flowers on her hat.
"Gross! It's a bug! They're crawling all over you!" He jumped back and laughed like a donkey, showing off his squiggly metal teeth.
"Don't talk to her that way!" I said.
"Come on, Tiger." Luna grabbed my arm. "We're late. Let's go."

Excerpted from Splat! Another Messy Sunday 2 by Lin Oliver
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The second book of this thrilling chapter book series will immediately suck readers in with its combination of a fast-paced adventure and full-color art—this time in the style of pointillism!

Tiger and Luna return to the fantastic frame, and this time they enter the famous dotted world of Georges Seurat's painting, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. After arriving on the shore of the pleasant scene, they dash through Paris, get captured by police, and encounter one misadventure after another. And of course, Tiger and Luna must return to the real world to avoid getting trapped in the painting before time runs out!

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