Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express
Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express

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Series: Stink Vol. 4   

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Annotation: Stink Moody, friends Webster and Sophie, and Mrs. Birdwistle visit tourist attractions in Virginia as they try to give away 101 guinea pigs rescued from a laboratory.
Catalog Number: #101640
Format: Perma-Bound Edition
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Special Formats: Chapter Book Chapter Book
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Copyright Date: 2008
Edition Date: 2013
Illustrator: Reynolds, Peter,
Pages: 118 pages
Availability: Available
ISBN: Publisher: 0-7636-6421-9 Perma-Bound: 0-605-87484-0
ISBN 13: Publisher: 978-0-7636-6421-3 Perma-Bound: 978-0-605-87484-8
Dewey: Fic
LCCN: 2007040413
Dimensions: 19 cm.
Language: English
ALA Booklist
When Stink, Sophie, and Webster discover that pet-shop owner Mrs. Birdwhistle has rescued 101 guinea pigs from a perfume-testing lab, they offer to help her find good homes for the critters. After persuasion, salesmanship, and even a road trip, the friends accomplish their mission This beginning chapter book carries on the series' tradition with a high-interest topic, a fast-moving story, a reader-friendly format, and pleasing illustrations (some not seen). From the cheerful illustration on the cover to the final turn of events, which takes Stink by surprise, this will appeal to small-animal lovers looking for short chapter books.
Kirkus Reviews
All Stink wants is a guinea pig. And all his mother can say is NO. They already have a cat and a toad and they are NOT going to add a guinea pig to the menagerie if she has anything to do with it. Stink understands, but he really wants Astro, a blue-eyed, spiked-hair pig. Goodhearted pet store owner Mrs. Birdwhistle has taken in 101 guinea pigs that were being mistreated by a cosmetics lab and now she's in a pickle. She needs to find homes for all the squeaking rodents and enlists the help of Stink and his punny friends. Along the Virginia highway, in a renovated camper—now pet store—Mrs. Birdwhistle introduces the young reader to the nuts and bolts of raising and caring for guinea pigs. Fans of Judy Moody and her brother Stink will find everything they love here—friendships, riddles, adventure and animals. Parents everywhere, beware! Lots of kids are going to be looking for the Squeals on Wheels bus so they can have a pig of their own. (Fiction. 5-8)
School Library Journal
Gr 1-3-Stink is back. This time, he and friends Webster and Sophie are working on a cereal-box re-creation of the Great Wall of China when the youngsters discover some mysterious guinea pigs hiding in one of the boxes. They figure out that the animals escaped from the local pet store. Store owner Mrs. Birdwistle informs the kids that she has rescued 101 guinea pigs but can't keep them all. Immediately, Stink and company volunteer to help find homes for them. With funny, and at times quite witty, enthusiasm for the project at hand, Stink and friends help Mrs. B. clean and decorate an old camper that they dub "Squeals on Wheels," which serves as a mobile pet store. As in the previous books, McDonald uses simple, expressive language to keep the story rolling. Stink is a fun, easy-to-love character with an authentic child voice. The action takes off from the very first chapter and is well sustained throughout. Fans of the earlier books, as well as the "Judy Moody" series, will not be disappointed.-Bethany A. Lafferty, Las Vegas-Clark County Library, NV Copyright 2008 Reed Business Information.
Word Count: 6,354
Reading Level: 3.7
Interest Level: 2-5
Accelerated Reader: reading level: 3.7 / points: 1.0 / quiz: 121642 / grade: Lower Grades
Reading Counts!: reading level:3.7 / points:4.0 / quiz:Q44385
Lexile: 640L
Guided Reading Level: M
Fountas & Pinnell: M

Stink could hardly see as he carried a Leaning Tower of Cereal Boxes up to Webster's front door. "Ding-dong," he called out.

"Whoa!" said Webster. "C'mon in. Sophie's here, too. This is going to be the most fun ever."

"How many cereal boxes did you collect?" Sophie asked.

"Umpteen," said Stink.

"All I brought was Cheerful O's," said Sophie of the Elves. "My dad says they're heart healthy."

"Carrying all these boxes is notheart healthy," said the out-of-breath Stink. "Why couldn't we just use sugar cubes?"

"Stink, we're building the Great Wall of China! Do you know how long it would take to build a wall out of teeny-tiny cubes?"

"Well, it took hundreds of years in real life," said Stink.

"Ours is only going to take one day," said Webster.

Just then, Stink's giant stack of cereal boxes crashed to the ground.
"Somebody sure likes Mood Flakes!" said Webster.

"My sister, Judy," said Stink. "They change color when you pour milk on them."

"Weird!" said Webster.

"Interesting," said Sophie.

Stink pulled two shiny silver-gray rolls of tape out of his back pockets. "I brought super-sticky duck tape!"

"In our family, we call it goose tape," said Sophie.

Stink and Webster cracked up. The three friends lined up the cereal boxes in the backyard and goose-taped them together. "The Great Wall of Goose Tape!" said Stink. "Did you guys know that you can see the Great Wall from outer space?" He wondered if any aliens or martians would be able to see the Great Wall of Cereal Boxes when it was done.

"The real Great Wall is more than two thousand miles long," said
"We have about a thousand miles to go," said Sophie.

Webster stood up. His arm was stuck to Sophie. Sophie's shoe was stuck to Stink. Stink's shirt was stuck to Webster's sleeve.

"Oh, no!" said Sophie. "We're stuck to each other."

"Don't worry," said Stink. "Friends should stick together."

When they finally got unstuck, Stink looked at the Great Wall. He
could not believe his eyes. The Great Wall was moving. The Great Wall was shaking. The Great Wall was quaking.

"Look!" he said, pointing.

"Why is it moving?" asked Webster.

"Maybe it's the wind," said Sophie.

"Does the wind go wee, wee, wee,wee, wee?" asked Stink.

All three of them heard the squeaking sound now. Wee, wee, wee,
wee, wee. "There it is again!" said Stink.

"Something's inside the Great Wall!"

"Sounds like a baby bird," said Sophie.

"Or a creepy rat," said Webster.

Stink and his friends crawled on hands and knees through the grass. Stink peered into an empty box of Mood Flakes at one end. A furry hair ball with dark brown eyes, a wet pink nose, and twitchy whiskers peered back at him. "All I found is . . . a guinea pig!" said Stink.

"I found one, too!" said Sophie.

"I found one, three!" said Webster.

Excerpted from Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express by Megan Mcdonald
All rights reserved by the original copyright owners. Excerpts are provided for display purposes only and may not be reproduced, reprinted or distributed without the written permission of the publisher.

"Fans of Judy Moody and her brother, Stink, will find everything they love here — friendships, riddles, adventure, and animals." — Kirkus Reviews

When three guinea pigs from the local pet shop make a great escape, Stink Moody and his friends Webster and Sophie spring into action. Ta-da! The Fantastic Fur Friends round up the little hairballs and bring them safely back to Mrs. Birdwistle’s shop, where they discover — oohla- la! — guinea pig pandemonium! Time for the Great Guinea Pig Giveaway! Stink and company hit the road aboard the Squeals on Wheels Express in a crazy quest to find good homes for 101 squealing, whistling, chirping, wiggly piggies. FUR-eaky!

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