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Perma-Bound is pleased to offer quizzes for Renaissance Learning’s Accelerated Reader (AR) program. The full range of quizzes is available to AR Service and Renaissance Place customers only, at a cost of $4.99 for each new quiz; for AR Desktop customers, only quizzes created before July 1, 2012, remain available. Also, Renaissance Learning requires us to submit customers’ AR serial number with each quiz order. More information here: AR Desktop Changes and AR Upgrade Incentive FAQs

In order to purchase Accelerated Reader quizzes, a Renaissance Place Self Hosted customer will need to supply their Accelerated Reader Serial Number. Once the version of Accelerated Reader is verified as Renaissance Place, you may proceed with ordering. You can learn more here: How to Determine AR Product Versions & AR Identifier Information - Customer Version

Customer Level Customer Restrictions
AR Desktop Only quizzes created before July 1, 2012 available from Perma-Bound.
AR Service All quizzes available from Perma-Bound.
AR Enterprise All quizzes available directly from Renaissance Learning.

Accelerated Reader

With Accelerated Reader, you can make the essential practice component of your reading curriculum more effective than ever before. At last, you can give all of your students personalized practice that is matched to their current level, and easily manage the daily activities of a wide range of students who are all reading at their own level and pace.

With Accelerated Reader, you can:

  • Get students excited about reading and vocabulary. Your students will be motivated to read constantly—in class, during recess, at lunch, at home, anywhere! They'll read carefully, thoroughly, and enthusiastically—and will always be eager for more!
  • Receive reliable, objective information. You'll get valuable data on students' reading comprehension, vocabulary development, literacy skills development, and more—so you can help them become better readers.
  • Help every student master standards. With Accelerated Reader, students receive extensive reading practice followed by immediate feedback. As a result, scores improve on state tests, and more students master standards—research proves it!
  • Improve students' attitudes toward learning. As students experience success, enthusiasm for reading spreads to all subjects. Teachers using Accelerated Reader report higher attendance, fewer discipline problems, and improved attitudes about school!
  • Keep all students challenged. You can continuously guide students to appropriate books within their Zones of Proximal Development (ZPD). This means you can ensure that all students are challenged without being frustrated.